Review: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

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I am taking a bit of my time to get active with some product reviews. If only editing and writing can be easier.

Here I am with a review on one of my favourite cleansing oil by DHC.


DHC – Deep Cleansing Oil (200ml)

Made in Japan, this cleansing oil is one of DHC’s star product. Apparently, all their products contain extra virgin olive oil. If you still don’t know what extra virgin olive oil can do for you, it’s time you check it out here.

When it first came to Singapore a few years ago, I was given a few samples to try on their products when I window-shopped at Watsons. Then on, I was awed and had been quite loyal since. This is already my 3rd bottle.


Brand & Product know-how

This product contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Rosemary, Liquorice derivatives (used as anti-inflammation and collagen booster etc.) and beauty essences such as Vitamin E (moisture skin, ease dryness and bolster skin’s UV defense). DHC botanical cleansing oil gently protects skin while removing make up and unclogging pores thus revealing radiant skin. Lipophilic (a reaction to dissolve/ absorb lipids aka oil) when blending with make up but hydrophilic (a reaction which is strong affinity with water) when mixed with water, making it easier to wash off. This oil claims to be free of fragrance, additive colour and paraben which is suitable for sensitive skin BUT, it’s never too much to do some testing first if you belong to this skin type. This is the full ingredients list.


Effectiveness know-how

Let’s proceed to do some testing:

Testing DHC

  1. Apply some makeup items on my hand (only the eyeliner is water-proof and smudge-proof). Ok, I don’t use and own many of them.
  2. Apply DHC Deep Cleansing Oil over the makeup on hand. Same thing on your face, using dry hands, apply the cleansing oil over your makeup. You can see that the oil texture is thin and runny. The natural scent of olive oil is so comforting.
  3. In circular motion, gently apply the oil on makeup and they should be dissolved/ gone after a few strokes except for the eyeliner (I can confirm that it is smudge-proof if you have oily eyelids ;)).
  4. As it is hydrophilic, the oil should emulsify after you added some water over it. It is important for the oil to emulsify to ensure all traces of makeup are melt and dissolve by the cleansing oil. You can see that the eyeliner is starting to fade.
  5. After rinse and wash thoroughly with water, all makeup including the eyeliner disappeared. Skin become brighter after wash. There is no sign of dryness and greasiness after cleansing.


Price know-how

This 200ml cleansing oil is retailing at S$43 from Watsons which is slightly on the high-end side. So far, I got mine all from overseas (either Hong Kong and Taiwan) or when they are on sales here. In Hong Kong, you can easily find it at ColourMix (just like Sasa) which apparently costs half the price of Singapore. Guess what? I only paid about S$25 after currency conversion (at that point few years ago, the ex-rate was 1 SGD to 6.30 HKD.)!! What a good find! Moreover, one bottle can last me about 4 months. By the way, DHC’s marketing strategy is mostly through distributors or e-commerce (e.g. drugstore, 7-Eleven, online retailing etc.). However, you can still find their physical store, in Taiwan (it’s in one of the mall but can’t remember where). I have restocked 2 bottles much earlier when Watsons is selling it at 2 for S$55 (expired in 2018). Just what more can I asked for? Oh, in case you want to get this after seeing this post, hurry down to Watsons and grab it at S$29.90 (for limited period)!


That’s all for now. Hope it is not too lengthy and you enjoy reading it.

See you soon!

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Empties 3: Skincare

Hi there

I started learning skincare when I was 20 years old. Till date, have tried many products. I am more concern with skincare than putting on makeup (I only learned about makeup 5 years ago!)

My thoughts: Makeup begins with good skincare.

Below are just some products I used before and it’s not the end. Some I’ve stopped using. Some I’ve threw away and recycled the empties.

Disclaimers: I have normal to dry skin. If you have sensitive skin, it would be better to do some allergy test and seek professional advice before trying. I have bought these items and tried them before giving my honest feedback. Pardon me for not able to show you the texture of the products as I have run out of them.


Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion (retail at S$22.90 for 170ml and S$17.90 for refill pack at Watsons)

  • Think this is my first skincare product other than facial wash. This is my 2nd bottle.
  • You can tell from the bottle that it is the 2nd generation from Hada Labo (it’s now called Goku-jyun Clear Lotion). I kept this bottle because I only want to buy the refill pack for repurchase.
  • Currently endorsed by the reknown Korean actress, Jeon Jihyun (very envy of her skin). By the way, it is made in Japan.
  • Despite it being call a Lotion, it should be use right after washing your face.
  • Its texture is thicker than normal toner which is why it is called a Lotion instead. Can be used as a standalone moisturizer.
  • Contains 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid that deeply penetrates the skin epidermis to nourish and help restore skin’s barrier to prevent moisture loss.
  • 6 key points in this lotion: Fragrance free, alcohol free, mineral oil free, colorant free, skin pH balanced and low irritation.
  • Despite all these, this lotion contains paraben. Some of my friends suffer irritation and breakouts after using this, while I don’t. See here for full ingredients.


Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum (retail at S$36 for 80ml)

  • My 3rd bottle of  this serum and currently the 3rd upgraded version which claim to penetrate deeper into the skin epidermis.
  • This nourishing moisture serum is formulated with 100% fleshly squeezed Jeju green tea and green tea seeds to create a dewy and clear skin from deep within
  • Green tea is known to be rich in amino acids and minerals, and helps to reduce inflammation, keeping skin hydrated.
  • To be used as the first step after cleansing to prevent loss of moisture and enhance the absorption of toner and lotion thereafter
  • Comes in a hygiene pump bottle and has a brownish gel-like texture.
  • Absorbed fast into the skin and does not cause residue because of its gel texture.
  • This star product emphasis on its 5-free system (though it still contains fragrance like many other Korean products).
  • Their green tea product comes with 3 lines to cater for different skin type: fresh (for oily skin), balancing (for combination skin) and moisture (for dry skin)


Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX (retail at $45 for 80ml)

  • My 2nd bottle of this sleeping pack and you can tell from the bottle design that this is apparently the 3rd generation.
  • Currently, it is still endorsed by Song Hye Kyo (she wasn’t call Milky Skin for no reason)
  • As the product name suggest (it is now call Water Sleeping Mask), it is an overnight mask which rejuvenate and hydrate the skin while you sleep.
  • The upgraded version contains the patent “Sleep-tox” technology which has a purifying effect on tired skin, giving you the ‘recharged’ appearance the next morning. Yeah, you can call it detox while you sleep in laymen term.
  • Its transparent gel-like texture making it gentle on the skin and help your skin to retain moisture throughout the night. So essential for our 35 degree Celsius all-year-round-summer and frequent air-con blowing.
  • Lastly, to help you perks up with quality sleep, this sleeping pack comes with a patent “Sleepscent” which allows the skin to relax and rest to prep you for bed. The importance of  quality sleep is often neglected due to our active lifestyle and smart technologies. It has so much impact to maintain a good and healthy skin and mind. I swear I was knocked out by the pillow within 10 minutes after applying this!
  • No doubt. It contains alcohol and fragrance (see full ingredients here).
  • Purchased the latest upgraded version when I went Korea in March this year. Actually the price isn’t much of a different if you do the currency conversion (it costs around S$35 but then you don’t get the bonus points, and thinking that you board a plane and carry the weigh back).

I finally get this post out over a few weeks. Hope you enjoy reading it.

See you soon!

Dab (^_^) v

Empties 2: Cleanser

Hi there

Realised that it has been a month since my last post. Here it is, the second post for Empties. And no, I’m not referring to facial cleanser.

Not only does your face need a cleanser, your body and beauty brush need their cleanser too!

Disclaimers: I have normal to dry skin. If you have sensitive skin, it would be better to do some allergy test and seek professional advice before trying. I have bought these items and tried them before giving my honest feedback. Pardon me for not able to show you the texture of the products as I have run out of them.


Innisfree  Green Tea Pure Body Gel Scrub (retail at S$13 for 150ml)

  • Contain green tea and green complex (such as walnut powder) from Jeju island.
  • Green tea is known to contain antioxidants and revives dry and stressed skin by supplying abundant moisture.
  • Similar to most Korean products, it comes with fragrance/ perfume.  Green tea scent is not too overpowering.  See here for full ingredient list.
  • Gel scrub lather into fine foam when added with water
  • Scrub particles are gentle to skin and doesn’t cause irritation. Emphasis at the area where you need extra care in circular motion (e.g. elbow, knee etc.). Avoid using on open wound.
  • Skin definitely feel soft and smooth after wash. It is better to maximize the effect with a body lotion after towel-dry.

Despite its moisturising and deep cleansing effect, extensive usage can still cause dryness and irritation to skin. Our skin rejuvenate and produce oil as a barrier from external damages (to give us the healthy moisture-oil balance). Extensive usage will take away such natural oil and the skin need to secrete more oil to create the barrier. As a result, your skin might experience itchiness and dryness due to the frequent deep cleansing. Depending on your condition, it is recommended that you keep it to 1 to 2 times per week. For my case, I use once a week. A good body scrub to consider for my repurchase.


Bare Minerals Well-Cared for Brush Conditioning Shampoo (retail at S$29 for 120ml at Sephora store)

  • Our beauty brushes is just like our hair. If your hair need regular wash to get rid of dirt, dust and oil, I don’t see why your brushes should be deny for that. Think our humid weather.
  • It is important to clean your brushes regularly so that you wont be cranky later on to learn that your pores are clogged and start breeding unnecessary acne/ pimple.
  • I am not saying you should wash the beauty brushes everyday but once every two weeks is good enough. Some wash it once a month but it should not be longer than that. I am the former.
  • This brush cleanser comes in a clear gel form and lather to fine foam when mix with a small amount of water. See here for full ingredients list.
  • It managed to wash away all traces of makeup. After wash, brush hair is soft and pick up makeup smooth and easily.

There are many brush cleanser products in the market. I have seen them from high-end brands (MAC, Make Up Store etc.) and low-end brands (innisfree, banila co. etc.). I prefer to wash my beauty brushes thoroughly using gel cleanser/ shampoo than those daily cleanser from spray bottle (what MAC and Make Up Store have). You may argue that it is more hygiene to cleanse the brushes every after use but I am just skeptical on how clean and time consuming it is for the morning rush hour. Unfortunately, I learnt that Sephora no longer carry it after checking a few branches. (>_<) So sad. Nonetheless, I still need to find alternatives. Till then.

I hope this post is not too lengthy and you enjoyed reading it. See ya soon!

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Sephora shopping haul

Hi there

So excited to share my recent shopping haul with you! It’s from Sephora!

Sephora Singapore just recently had a 20% sales for all Black Card holder from 5 to 8 May and I just couldn’t miss it. The best time I can try new stuffs. Checked out a few branches (Sephora Suntec City, Sephora online and Sephora Ion Orchard) and it was soooo crowded and many items were already off the shelves.

Here’s what I have got from Sephora Ion Orchard:

Sephora haul

Dr.Jart Dermaclear Micro Water Special Set (retail at S$46 for 250ml – comes with free refill pack 150ml).

Dr.Jart Dermaclear Micro Foam (retail at S$27 for 120ml)

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel (retail at S$52 for 30ml; S$35 for 15ml)

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler (retail at S$30)

Dr Jart The Silver pouch (free with purchase of Dr Jart products above S$45)

Will do a seperate review for these items. Can’t wait to try them!!

Meantime, thank you for reading and see you soon.

Dab (^_^) v

Empties 1: Sun care

Hi there, I have been thinking how and where to start my first post. Look through my stuffs and thought it might be easier to start with what I have used before – the Empties. I have used up and threw away many empties before I started this post.

Disclaimers: I have normal to dry skin. If you have sensitive skin, it would be better to do some allergy test and seek professional advice before trying. I have bought these items and tried them before giving my honest feedback. Pardon me for not able to show you the texture of the products as I have run out of them.

Before we begin, you might want to read these articles on some general knowledge on sun protection: General info on sun protection; Sun screen . It is recommended to reapply sunblock every 2 hours. As sunblock forms a layer of protection against the sun/ pollutants/ dusts (just like your makeup), you still need to remove it during the night cleansing (your pores will thank you for that!).

For now, these are my reviews:


From left to right:

Innisfree Eco Safety Perfect Sunblock SPF50+ PA+++. I got this while I am in Korea in May 2014. Been wanting to try their sunblock as I read many good reviews.

  • It costs something like 12,000 KRW for 50ml (about S$15).
  • It has a creamy texture.
  • Innisfree is known to use natural ingredients in their products. This sunblock comes with sunflower oil (read somewhere that it contains vitamins that are good for skin and treats acne etc.) and green tea (contains antioxidant and helps to reduce UV damage to skin etc.).
  • It also claimed to be long lasting against sweat and sebum (it does under my makeup).
  • 5-free system : Free of mineral oil, animal ingredients, synthetic fragrance, tar color and talc (please refer full ingredients here).


Innisfree Extreme Safety 100 Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++. Also got this from Korea because it cannot be found in our sunny island. Of course I have to get something I cannot find here.

  • It costs something like 16,000 KRW for 50ml I think (about S$20).
  • It has a water based cream texture.
  • This version is supposedly to offer stronger UV protection during summer. And you already know, the ultraviolet rays cannot be underestimated.
  • This item and its ingredients is available at Innisfree world .


Shingmulnara Ultra Perfect Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++. It’s never too many to stock up sun care products for our sunny island. Looks like it’s a brand under Olive Young (a Korean one-stop drug store just like out Watsons and Guardian). I haven’t seen anyone post review this item (all reviews were for the Ultra Light Sun Gel SPF30 PA++).


  • I got this from Olive Young for about 13,000 KRW (about S$16).
  • It has a cream texture and water proof.
  • It comes with very mild scent (most Korean products contain fragrance).
  • It might be a little sticky for our humid weather (Korea is drier geographically).
  • Better to use between October to December when our weather is slightly cooler.
  • These are the full range of Shingmulnara products found in Olive Young (unfortunately, it’s all in Korean wordings).

Will update this post if I repurchase these sunblock. For now, thank you for reading (I hope it’s not too lengthy!).

Dab (^_^) v


Hello to you :)

Just to say hello to you.

I have been giving much thoughts to choose the theme for my blog. Dilemma between The Spirit theme and Little Strange Town theme. I love their dreamy layout. You know, the starry night sky and snowflakes (I have no immunity to them). Finally settle with this theme, never mind the Christmas tree doesn’t fit all year round. But hey, who don’t love Christmas? Then again, Pisces cannot decide well sometime.

I used to write frequently until I stopped a few years ago (tried to relocate my earlier blog site but can’t seem to find it). My blog is more about my lifestyle. I shared my interests on skincare, beauty products, food, travel and some other random stuffs. Looking at committing at least 1 hour each time.

I know it can be a drag reading lengthy post. So, I will try to keep mine as detailed and short as possible.

Lastly, I hope you enjoy reading them. ❤